Located on the Taieri Plains, the Otago Aero Club has been fostering aviation since 1927.

The Otago Aero Club is the oldest aero club in New Zealand dating back to 1927. Taieri airfield has a rich history and was once an active RNZAF base.

The Otago Aero Club is run by its own members who are all very keen aviation enthusiasts. The clubroom facilities provide a great environment for all members to relax and reflect on past experiences and common interests. Many of our members have been flying here for years and can provide a lot of invaluable experience and tips for any pilot.

There are approximately 90 private and commercial aircraft housed and operated from Taieri Airfield, and the friendly club spirit is evident in all our members. We have a monthly ‘fly-away’ to a destination around Otago, Southland, or Canterbury which are well attended and popular with our members and their friends and family.

Instruction at OAC

General Aviation

The Otago Aero Club has been providing GA Flight Instruction to our membership for many years. Our team of highly experienced flight instructors have many thousands of hours local flying experience. Our staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through personalised training that is flexible to suit your needs. The instructors come from a range of backgrounds with different flying experiences giving you more opportunities and skills to take advantage of.

If you wish to book a lesson towards your Private or Commercial Pilots Licence please contact us on:

Phone: 03 489 6158
Email: info@otagoaeroclub.co.nz

John Penno, Chief Flying Instructor (A Category)
027 486 2199

Joe Calder, C-Category Instructor
021 247 3232

Marcus Wills, C-Category Instructor
027 309 2220


If you are looking at flying for a recreational pastime, then a Microlight Certificate maybe a better option for you. The Otago Aero Club has 5 experienced SAC microlight instructors available. Combined they have many thousands of hours behind the controls of light aircraft and have flown the length of New Zealand many times. They will ensure you get the most from your flying experience no matter if you want a single U-Fly experience or a full Advanced Microlight Certificate. Our instructors are rated on a variety of common microlights so if you are after a type-rating or instruction in a new aircraft that you have constructed then give our team a call.

John Penno, Chief Flying Instructor, Microlight Instructor
027 486 2199

Alan Wright, ATO -  Senior Microlight Instructor
027 434 0169

Colin Chalmers, ATO - Microlight Instructor
027 487 3078

Warwick Sims, Microlight Instructor
021 585 675

OAC Executive

Meet the executive behind the Otago Aero Club, the organisation that has been fostering aviation in Otago since 1927:

Colin Chalmers, President, Light Sport Instructor - Email Colin

Pieter van Ammers, Vice President & PPL Pilot - Email Pieter

Alan Wright, Club Captain & Light Sport Instructor - Email Alan

Greg Walsh, PPL Pilot - Email Greg

Warwick Sims, PPL & Light Sport Instructor - Email Warwick

Warwick Reid, Light Sport Pilot - Email Warwick

Ross Price, PPL Pilot - Email Ross

Aircraft and Rates

Our fleet consists of a variety of aircraft that are used for private hire and flight training.

ZK-EKM Cessna 152

ZK-FWS Piper PA-28-181 Archer II

ZK-OAC Vans RV-12 (100hp)

ZK-KPA Micro Aviation Bantam B22J (85hp)



ZK-EKM Cessna 152

ZK-FWS   PA-28-181

ZK-OAC   Vans RV-12

ZK-KPA    Bantam B22J

Solo Member





Dual Member







(03) 489–6158


Stedman Road
North Taieri
Dunedin, NZ, 9092



M–F 9am–12pm, 2pm-5pm

Sa–Su 9am–5pm