The ability to control an aircraft is an exciting and challenging skill to learn. Taking the controls for the first time, completing your first takeoff and piloting your first solo flight are all experiences and memories that will be with you for life.

The Otago Aero Club, located on the Taieri Plains, is a great place to learn to fly. We have an excellent airfield with light traffic volume meaning you will rarely have a delay getting airborne, maximising the amount of flying time for your money. When you are ready to operate in controlled airspace we have the Dunedin control zone just minutes away. The large variety of terrain ranging from beaches, valleys, hills, mountains and plains all within 15 minutes flying time, make the Otago Aero Club the ideal place to learn to fly.

Training is personalised to your requirements in a relaxed club environment. Our professional and friendly instructors will ensure you enjoy your experience at the Otago Aero Club.

We offer training for Private and Commercial Pilots Licences as well as basic to advanced Light Sport Instruction.