Light Sport Aircraft

Otago Aero Club have a team of friendly qualified microlight instructors available who can take you through the SAC licence process. You can start the process with a U-Fly experience in the club microlight around the Dunedin City area. Once you have decided that microlight flying is the path you wish to take, you will start flight training towards your first solo flight where you will be awarded your Novice Certificate. Then you can start working towards your Intermediate Certificate and Passenger Rating which allows you to start your cross-country training. Once your cross country training is complete, you can sit your final flight test where you will be awarded an Advanced Certificate which allows you to fly anywhere in New Zealand.

Microlight category aircraft are experiencing rapid growth with recreational pilots due to the lower flying cost and the advance in aircraft now available, many of which far exceed basic GA aircraft in terms of performance and fit and finish. The main difference with a Microlight Certificate is you are limited to 2 seats.


There are no prior qualifications required to start pilot training.

You can commence flight training at any age however to fly solo you must:
• Be of at least 16 years of age
• Hold a SAC medical certificate


• Achieve a pass in five aviation theory examinations
• At least 50hrs minimum practical flying time
• Pass two practical flight tests


• Flight Radio Telephony (FRTO Rating)
• Aviation Air Law
• Meteorology
• Navigation and Flight Planning
• Aircraft Technical Knowledge


Your training will include:
• at least 50 hours total flying experience
• 35 hours of Solo flying
• progress from Basic to more Advanced Flying skills
• cross country navigation experience around Southern New Zealand