Take control of the aeroplane and experience the thrill of flight from only $65

Under the guidance of one of our highly experienced flight instructors, you will take control of the aeroplane and head over the coast just south of Dunedin city. You will be led through the basics of flying the aircraft, while taking in the great coastal views of the Dunedin city area.

A trial flight is a one on one experience with your instructor that is flexible and personalised to suit your needs. You will be flying the aircraft for the majority of the flight. The flight is normally in our two seat Cessna or two seat Vans RV-12, however you can opt for our four seat Cessna if you wish to bring family or friends along for the ride. 

Our U-Fly Experience is a fantastic idea for birthday or Christmas gifts!

So go on, talk that special someone into booking your U-Fly experience with us.

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Cessna 152

Our two seater Cessna 152 provides a great one on one experience starting at only $120 for 30 minutes flight time.

(Flight time can be logged towards your very own Private Licence!)

Piper Archer II

If you'd prefer to try our four seater aircraft - the Piper Archer is perfect for you. Pricing starts at just $170 for 30 minutes flight time.

(NOTE: Weight restrictions do apply)

(Flight time can be logged towards your very own Private Licence!)

Cessna 152

Vans RV-12

Our Light Sport Aircraft, the RV-12 is a pleasure to fly, fantastically fun and astoundingly affordable at only $75 for 30 minutes flight time.



Bantam B22J

Even cheaper in price (but no less fun!) is our Bantam B22J starting at $65 for 30 minutes flight time.