Meet the new ZK-OAC

After many years of faithful service we have reluctantly retired our Rans S6 from active training service. The Rans has been sold to one of our club members and now bears the registration of ZK-TJE.

Its replacement comes in the form of a Vans RV-12

The new ZK-OAC. Vans RV-12

The new ZK-OAC. Vans RV-12

This is an ideal training aircraft for pilots of all abilities. For those GA pilots that have yearned to experience the performance capabilities of an advanced microlight aircraft we now offer the ideal solution for you.

Make a booking with one of our instructors today.


Micro Aviation B22J now on-line and available for hire

ZK-KPA offers an even more affordable way to fly. At only $90 /Hr solo this may be the cheapest flying you ever will do. This beautiful little aircraft will get you up close and personal with nature and help fine tune your flying skills at the same time. You really haven't flown until you have flown a Bantam. Haven't got a rating ... no problem. Contact one of our instructors and they will make it happen. GA pilots, you don't need a microlight certificate to fly this machine, just get a type rating with a GA instructor and you are good to go. Book your flight on the club's Paper Aviator booking system now.



Gore ATC Cadets Visit - December 2014

The annual visit from the 28 SQN Gore Cadets went incredibly well with great weather for the weekends flying. It was truly impressive to see such great attitudes from all attending. With Over 25 combined flying hours achieved by the cadets over the two days, everyone went away with a great sense of achievement. 

 A special thanks to Lindsay Young for organising the event.

We look forward to hosting you all again next year!

AOPA Fly-in Timaru - November 2014

A stunning day made the perfect excuse to head north on Sunday for the Aircraft Owner's & Pilot's Association get-together. A fantastic turnout of over 20 aircraft from around the country made it to Timaru. With lunch provided, an array of interesting aircraft around and the museum open it made for a truly great day. 

A special thanks to the team in Timaru for hosting.

If you are interested in getting involved with our trips away simply contact us today! 

It's Cross Country Season! 

With warmer weather and longer days approaching fast, this summer is the perfect season to get out and explore the back yard. On Saturday we were fortunate enough to venture into Omarama where the experts at Glide Omarama were kind enough to give myself and our student a tour around the facilities.

The gliders onsite are truly a work of art and the size of the bigger, highly efficient designs is always amazing. Our visit also included an interesting insight into reading the weather from the perspective of a glider pilot.

Already inspired, our next visit will have to include a soar around the area.

Special thanks to Toby Read for showing us around.

If you're keen to get out and explore this summer contact one of our instructors today!